Early Eye Report

10/13 6:31 am Earlyeye Gulf surf report : Looks like 1 ft surf is back for awhile . The last of the hurricane swell has gone away . We have a weak cold front coming through but nothing rideable came with it . We'll just have to sit tight for awhile and look back and remember yes the Gulf can get amazing surf , and there are pictures to prove it !
If your boards got dinged up in our last swell remember we do repairs at the shop We fix them all epoxy or polyester or if you want to do your own repairs we have the materials you need .
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10/11 6:39am Earlyeye Gulf surf report : It looks around 3 ft maybe a few 4 ft leftovers out there . The wind has shifted to the West @ 15 to 18 Kts . Kind of sloppy and it smells pretty red tide fishy . But yes we have waves for another day .. ... See MoreSee Less

10/10 6:07 am Earlyeye Gulf surf report : 5to 6 ft or more with mostly South wind @ 20 Kts and gusting 25 . Lots of surf everywhere you go today . Looks like a good work out so be ready and be prepared to paddle . Try to find a wind protected beach or It is going to be snotty water quality is a little fishy .Have fun be safe ! ... See MoreSee Less

10/9 5:57 am Earlyeye Gulf surf report : It looks 1 to 2 ft with East wind on it @ around 20 Kts . There really isn't much showing yet but the little that is looks clean . The swell will start filling in more as the day goes on , we'll keep an eye on it and post again later . But for now enjoy your breakfast and another cup of coffee. Later dudes ! ... See MoreSee Less

10/8 6:11 am Earlyeye Gulf surf report : It still looks less than 1 ft out there this am but surf is on the way. Tropical storm Michael will soon be sending some surf our way ! I'll keep and eye on it and post as things develop . Stay tuned ! ... See MoreSee Less

10/7 7:17 am Earlyeye Gulf surf report : Very small 6 " to 1 ft ground swell showing from the SW . Nothing to get excited about now but hey maybe in a couple of days ?
Good news is the beaches are pretty much clear of dead fish ,but the water still has reddish brown color from the red tide . Maybe it'll clear up by the time we get a rideable swell from T.S. Michael ?
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10/1 8:27 am Earlyeye Gulf surf report: New month same report flat for a while longer but we usually get our first cold front waves this month so hang tough Gulf coasters .
Red tide seems to be easing up a bit this week,maybe just maybe it is starting to go away !
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9/23 7:37 am Earlyeye Gulf surf report : Flat , No surf but thousands of dead crabs everywhere and the water stinks and is the color sewer water .sickening. ... See MoreSee Less

9/18 8:57am Earlyeye Gulf surf report: Flat for a few days ,but there schools of fish everywhere acres of fish ,one problem they are all DEAD ! Thanks Red Tide Rick !
Remember in Nov. no more GOP environmental terrorists VOTE Blue ! 20 yrs of GOP. Rule and look what we get poisoned water ,fouled beaches and no plan to clean up there mess . Florida depends on tourism would you put your kids in that water..? Oh yeah forget about fishing !
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9/17 7:29 am .Earlyeye Gulf surf report : Not much surf ,but plenty of dead fish !! Run don't walk away from our beaches the stench will gag you . Thanks GOP environmental science denier Rick Scott you've really done it this time ! ... See MoreSee Less


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Bravo Lenny

9/16 7/11 am Earlyeye Gulf surf report: Bad news our Pinellas beaches are covered with dead rotting fish . There is a small line coming in from the NW but you would have to be nuts to go out in that contaminated water.
Not much I can say other then thank our Gov, for the great job he's done . NOT.
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9/11 8:23 am semi Earlyeye Gulf surf report : Looks about 1 ft . There is a depression way down in the Gulf slowly developing and then heading into the Texas coast . Maybe just maybe we might get a little swell from it . I'll keep an eye on it . Who knows we might get lucky? ... See MoreSee Less

9/9 6:23 pm Gulf surf update : Flat with dead fish . Yes we now have RedTide on our beaches . Many dead fish of all varieties dying and washing up on the shore ! We will have an onshore flow for the next couple of days so I expect things won't get much better for awhile .
Surf on our coast stays flat for now . Surf on the Eastcoast well that's a different story . There will be surf all week thanks to soon to be hurricane Florence. Seas will be running 4 to 8 feet so if you want to surf head east . It is a long period swell so find some place that can handle it or expect a lot of close outs . More later !
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9/5 5:31am Earlyeye Gulf surf report : About 1 ft at best. Yes the calm after the storm is back . Ahh what storm ,you know T.S. Gordon . If you are up in the Panhandle of Fl . You know about Gordon ,here not so much . ... See MoreSee Less

9/4 7:27 am Earlyeye Gulf surf update : Surf has picked up to about 2 ft might be worth a look glassy and a small ground swell Hmm !. ... See MoreSee Less

9/4 5:27 am Earlyeye Gulf surf report : Little tiny 0 to 1/2 foot swell showing from the south this am . with offshore winds . Hmm maybe later ,but for now go back to bed ! I'll keep an eye on it and post any changes as the day goes on ! ... See MoreSee Less

9/3 5:57am Earlyeye Gulf surf report : Happy Labor Day ! Enjoy your day off just don't plan on surfing it is flat . 0 to 1 ft conditions prevail. There is some talk of a low pressure system moving across the Gulf for the next couple of days but don't bet the farm on any surf here .
Eastcoast has had a little wind bump that will probably increase in size today Strong onshore winds for the next 2 or 3 days will keep it in 3 ft range depending were you look .
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8/30 7:11 am . Earlyeye Gulf surf report : 0to 1ft pretty flat for the next few days .
Good news is the beaches look great ! No sign of red tide or dead fish ,as long as the winds stay ENE or E . we should be O.K. Labor weekend is looking good ,just watch for those late afternoon thunderstorms and you should be fine !
We have a great Labor Day weekend sale going on at the shop so stop in and check it out !
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8/24 7:03 am Earlyeye Gulf surf report : Clean little 1ft lines with offshore winds this am . Not much surf but the good news is there is little to no evidence of red tide on Pass A Grille beach . The beach clean up crews have done a great job of picking up any dead fish and with the offshore wind there are no new dead fish washing up. The water looks pretty clear and it should be a great beach weekend by the looks of things .
Stop by the shop when you are out this way ,we have lots of new bikes and boards to check out ! We also have a great selection of pre owned bikes and boards on sale ! Save the planet buy used when you can !
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8/23 7:53 am Earlyeye Gulf surf report : To surf or not to surf that is the question. Small clean lines around 2 ft with dead fish floating everywhere from the red tide. Does the small surf outweigh the stench and the health risks of the toxic soup on our beaches 'or is it better to err on the side of staying healthy and waiting till this environmental disaster goes away ? Your call . I'll be at the shop I won't see you in the water today ! ... See MoreSee Less