Early Eye Report

12/12 6:43am Earlyeye Gulf surf report : Looks about 1 ft maybe a little bigger. Wind is ENE @10 Kts so what is out there is clean but probably not rideable. We have a lull in the surf for a day or two but there is a strong front on the way for Thurs. and it looks like surf for Fri through Sun ? ... See MoreSee Less

12/11 6:31 am Earlyeye Gulf surf report : Looks like it is a solid 3ft with NNW winds around 8kts . Kind of side shore but not too bad . Pretty cool out there this am. 49 degrees down at the beach bring rubber . ... See MoreSee Less

12/9 7:03 am Earlyeye Gulf surf report: 2 to3 ft and building as the day goes on. Wind is SSW now but it is getting ready to shift NNW then NW and pick up to > then 20 Kts . Looks like waves for the next couple of days,check out your best wind protected areas and go surf. Bring rubber temps will be falling.
Boards and wetsuits the gifts that keep on giving, stop by the shop get your Santa orders in. Winter swell season is just starting . Why sit on the beach get out there ,let us help !
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12/8 6:59 am Earlyeye Gulf surf report : Flat today but ..... Get your boards and wetsuits ready we got a surfy few days ahead of us starting late Sun through Thurs .
We have a great selection of new and used boards at blowout prices . Pretty good timing Huh? If you need a wetsuit you can pick up a nice Ripcurl 3/2 full suit for $ 159.
Why be cold ?
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12/5 6:29 am Earlyeye Gulf surf report: 2to 3 ft with brisk NNW > 15 Kts . Side shore choppy ,maybe if you get out of the wind someplace it might be fun ? Bring rubber it got pretty cool out there .
Got some bargain boards at the shop , from 6' all the way to 11' .
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12/4 6:47 am Earlyeye Gulf surf report : It looks 1 to 2ft with west winds <10kts . lots of fog out there this am but not much surf . We have a cold front on our doorstep so maybe when it comes through the surf will pick up.
Need a deal on a new or used board stop in and score a bargain ! Now is the time we have a winter of cold fronts and surf ahead of us don't miss out ! Speaking of cold we also have some nice wetsuits mmmm toasty .
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6:09am Earlyeye Gulf surf report : 2to sometime 3ft with SSW winds >10kts . Another day of wind chop surf today ,you'll need to look around for some wind protection for clean conditions but there is lots of waves to be had !
We have a blow out sale on selected new and used boards for the next couple of days come on in and check them out .The board of your dreams could be waiting for you ?
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12/2 6:03 am .Earlyeye Gulf surf report : It looks mostly around 2 ft with SSW >10kts . Side shore choppy gets bigger and more snotty as the wind picks up .We should have surf for several days quality depends on wind and location . So look around.
While you are out on your quest for surf ,stop by the shop .
We have a great selection of bike and surf goodies . C 'mon in say hi !
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12/1 5:57 am .Earlyeye gulf surf report : 1 to lucky 2 ft with Se winds < 10 Kts . It seems like there is a very small south swell out there probably not rideable ,but might be worth a look a little later ?
Wetsuits and surfboards gifts that keep giving ,come check them out , get your Santa orders in early !
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11/30 7:03 am Earlyeye Gulf surf report : Flat till next month! ... See MoreSee Less

11/29 5:59 am Earlyeye Gulf surf report : It Looks around 1 to maybe 2 ft with Northerly wind on it @10 Kts . Small little side shore bump you might catch an ankle slapper if you really try !
Cold air cold water no problem ,we have the wetsuit you need at the shop. Suits for every budget . Come see us !
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11/28 6:01 am Earlyeye Gulf surf report : 2 to 3 ft with NNE winds 10 to 15 Kts . Semi side shore pretty clean. Worth a shot . Bring rubber it was 48 degrees at the beachwhen I was down there .
We have a pretty good selection of wetsuits at the shop,why be cold winter is just starting .
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11/27 5:59 am .Earlyeye Gulf surf report : It looks around 3ft or so with strong NNW wind on it 15 to 20kts . Pretty sloppy but maybe if you can get out of the wind somewhere it'll be a little cleaner ? Looks like we'll have surf for a couple of days .
Weather has turned cooler so it's a good time to stop by the shop a get a wetsuit ,we have many to choose from .
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11/26 6:07am Earlyeye Gulf surf report : It looks about 1 ft this am with SSW on it @10 to 12 Kts . Winds and seas increase as the day goes on and the cold front arrives late today. Tues we should have surf in the 3 to 4 ft range with NNW winds 15 to 20 Kts . so it'll be kinda of sloppy but hey it's waves . ... See MoreSee Less

11/25 5:57am Earlyeye Gulf surf report : 1 to 2 ft with lite westerly winds less then 10 Kts . Well here it is very small here . Very good on the East coast Hmm . We have a run of surf in our future on our coast starting Tues as a pretty strong cold front approaches however it will be windy ! More later as the cold front gets closer. ... See MoreSee Less

11/19 5:57am Earlyeye Gulf surf report : Near flat for a few days . Looks like Fri . before we see some surf here again ? ... See MoreSee Less

11/17 6:11 am Earlyeye Gulf surf report : 1 to 2 ft semi clean with mostly lite NNE winds . Pretty small but maybe an ankle slapper or two out there. ... See MoreSee Less

11/16 6:31 am Earlyeye Gulf surf report: 3 to maybe 4ft with NNW winds on it to 20 Kts . Pretty much blown out around here now but maybe down south by the Venice jetty might be the call or Sand key .If the wind shifts or backs off some it might get better here. ... See MoreSee Less

11/15 5:51 am Earlyeye Gulf surf report : Looks mostly around 3 ft could be a little bigger in some places. The wind is on it 15 to 20kts from the NW so yeah it's pretty sloppy . Maybe if you can find some wind protection it won't be so screwed up . We should have surf for the next few days so get some if you can . Red tide is still present so be aware . ... See MoreSee Less

11/19 8;25am Gulf surf report delayed post . Small clean lines 1to 2ft rideable sort of . Front is on track for Thurs so waves are on the way !!! ... See MoreSee Less