Early Eye Report

8/19 9am not so Earlyeye Gulf surf report : 0 to 1 ft no surfing today. Great for a swim or some paddle boarding .
Water looks really nice no sign of red tide here ! Enjoy it before things change ?
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8/13 6:59am Earlyeye Gulf surf report: 1 to 2ft semi clean lines lite wind from the ESE @5 to 10 Kts very small but maybe an ankle slapper or two out there ?
Good news is no sign of red tide on St Pete beach , so c'mon down .stop by the shop today and check out some boards and bikes . New 2019 SE bikes arriving daily . We also have a great selection of beach cruisers from 3 g and Advance sports a really nice bike for $ 225 . Bike prices are going up after Sept. 1st due to the tariffs on steel and aluminum imposed by our president save some $$ buy now .
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8/12 7:17am Earlyeye Gulf surf report : 2ft windchop again today WNW wind around 10 to 15 KTS . Not a lot out there but it does look rideable but small.
Kids go back to school here tomorrow so take them to the beach today. We walked the length of Pass A Grille beach this morning and I'm pleased to announce that the beach has no sign of red tide yet , so get out there and enjoy it you know things change quickly.
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8/11 7:29am Earlyeye Gulf surf report : Looks around 2ft with WNW wind on it @10 to 15 Kts. Mostly wind chop but you might be able to catch a little bump.
The water still looks pretty clear no dead fish washings up yet although some low concentration of red tide are starting to show in our area.
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8 /10 8:15 am Earlyeye Gulf surf report : Still pretty flat about 1 ft even though the wind is now SSW .
So far the water still looks pretty clear no red tide here yet .
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8/8 7: 21 am .Earlyeye Gulf surf report : Still 0 to 1ft pretty flat .
We just got back from a beach walk along Pass A Grille happy to report no dead fish on the beaches yet. Tomorrow the winds switch to the SW that could be bad for Pinellas Co beaches .
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8/6 3:29 pm mid afternoon Gulf surf report : Near flat 0to 1ft not much to talk about as far as surf for the next few days.
Red tide update none up this far yet ,it looks pretty bad from Bradenton south. We in Pinellas have so far been spared as long as the winds stay ESE we should be O.K. However the winds are predicted to go more SSW on Thurs that could be bad for us . I'll keep an eye on it and update as things change .
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8/3 5:43 am Earlyeye Gulf surf report : Last night it looked like we could have a little rideable bump this am but looking at it this morning it didn't happen . There is a very small line line but it's only about 1 to lucky 2 ft with a high tide.Wind is offshore and conditions are clean but rideable probably not. I'll check it again later and post if anything shows up when the tide changes . ... See MoreSee Less

8/2 9:29 pm evening surf report: there is a lot of weather off shore and some pretty strong West wind chopping up the Gulf .Maybe just maybe we could have a little rideable wave in the am. I'll check it out at first light and give eyes on report . Sleep tight and think waves ! ... See MoreSee Less

7/30 747 am Semi Earlyeye Gulf surf report: 0 to1 ft with SS E winds not much is going to change for a few days ? East coast will have some small surf but the Gulf is on flat mode .
Great time to stop by the shop and check out some new boards and bikes ,SE 2019 's are arriving daily.
Lots of new Reef sandals and clothing to see and Salty Sista swim wear hats and T 's . Nice stuff !
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7/27 6:21am Earlyeye Gulf surf report: 1 to 2 ft with light WSW winds .Cleaner than it has been but smaller ,look around there could be an ankle slapper out there with your name on it ! Have fun .
We still have a few $100 used short boards left they are going away pretty quick so come get yours .
We are open 10 am till 6 pm today and Sat. Sun 11 am till 4 pm . See Ya.
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7/25 6:11 am Earlyeye Gulf surf report : 1 to 3 ft depending where you look ? The onshore WSW 15 Kt wind continues and so does our string of surf days . It is not perfect but it's waves better than flat !
Help me out I have a bunch of used short boards I'm blowing out for $100 each some better than others but all GOOD deals ! Come see the early bird catches the worm ?
We also have a great selection of used bikes on blowout sale! Remember when you're not rockin you outta be rollin.
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7/24 7:59 am semi Earlyeye Gulf surf report: Looks 4 ft to maybe a little more this mourning with 20 Kt onshore winds.
Lots of surf lots of chop ,if you can get out of the wind and you are ready to do some heavy duty paddling then maybe ?
It might be better to wait for the wind to slack off .
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7/23 6:23am Earlyeye Gulf surf report : Mostly around 3 ft semi clean right now between thunder storms. Wind is very light early but comes on shore again 15 to 20 Kts a little later . Not much lightning now but keep an eye on the sky we will have storms popping up all day !
Stop in say hi ! We are at the shop 10am till 6 pm today !
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7/22 6:57 am Earlyeye Gulf surf report: Looks around 3ft with WSW wind on it @ 15Kts . Pretty choppy but if you want to surf you can ,we should have waves for the next few days as our onshore wind flow continues! Surf size could even pick up a little more .
We are open today Sun 11am till 4pm . Many boards , surf skate and skim . We also carry a full line of bikes including the SE P.k. rippers , 26 " Mike Buff just in and the new Dblocks 29 er in camouflage cool bike !
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7/21 6:27am Earlyeye Gulf surf report : 2 to 3 ft with WSW wind on it @ 10 to 15 KTS choppy but rideable . Keep an eye on the sky thunder boomers are popping up every where this mourning . You know you can deal with chop but there is no reasoning with lightning !
We have some new boards in short and long check them out also a good selection of used boards . Stop by between thunderstorms . We are here 10 am till 6 pm on Saturday open Sun 11am till 4 pm .
On another topic we are looking for some part time help.
Give me a call for details ..
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7/20 6:03 am Earlyeye Gulf report : 1 to 3 ft with SW winds 10 to 12 Kts It depends on the tide and where you check not too much out there but it should be fun surf for "grommet 101 class " .
If you make it out to the beach stop by the shop bring the kids . Lots of great boards surf, skate ,skim . Bikes and other fun stuff !
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7/17 9:15 am semi Earlyeye surf report : Mostly around 1ft with sw wind on it @10 to 12 Kts. We have a SW onshore wind flow for the next couple days and maybe just maybe by Thurs or Fri we might have some rideable slop chop ?
While we are waiting for some surf why not stop by the shop and check out some 2019 SE bikes they are really nice !
The D Blocks 29er in camouflage is insane "limited edition "don't delay on this one .
Mike Buff P.K. ripper 26" in white very cool also a limited edition !!
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7/10 Mid afternoon Gulf surf report : Flat here . Plenty of surf on the East coast. Go if you can or stay here and find something other than surfing to do
Stop by the shop check out an Electric bike . You know when you're not rockin you outta be rollin !!
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7/3 6:05 am Earlyeye Gulf surf report : Mostly 1 to 2 ft depends on where you look and the tide when you look. We don't have anything brewing in the Gulf so for now it will be pretty flat .
We have a pretty good sale going on at the shop for the 4 the of July . SE bikes with up to $ 100 off on some models . Many boards on sale and also great deals on board shorts and surf T,s Ripcurl ,Reef ,Hurley and more.
We are OPEN on the 4th so come see us . Have a safe and fun holiday .
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