We would like to thank our friends at MagicSeaweed.com for their long range forcasts. We would also like to thank NOAA & the National Weather Service for giving back our tax dollars in the form of usable information. I have tried to make us a one stop shop for basic, FREE, surf info for the central Florida area, but constantly maintaining the data got to be a bit much, so with the help above I have gathered as much data in this one spot as I can. Just click on any section below for the information to make your best guess on whether the surf is really up…And make sure to say thanks to Lenny for keeping up on his Early Eye Report…
Uncle Mike


10 hours ago

Lenny Stamos

2/26 6:23am Earlyeye Gulf surf report: It looks about 2 ft with NNE winds 10 to 15 Kts . clean conds. but pretty small.Super low tide this morning holding it back but as the tide fills in there could be a few ankle slappers to be had before it goes flat.If you didn't catch the good surf on the Eastcoast yesterday you might get some of the booby prize waves here today . Hey it's surf !Maybe I'll see down there early or at the shop later ? ... See MoreSee Less

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