Early Eye Report

4/19 6:11 am Early eye Gulf surf report : Looks like the beginning of a wavy weekend! 2 to 3 ft SW slop chop today,but it might be rideable somewhere with some wind protection. Wind goes NW Sat and Sat night but right now it's looking good for an Easter Sun dawn patrol clean up session with OFF SHORE wind !Who knows we might even have a little left for Mon Am ?

Shop is open all day Sat but Closed on Easter Sun.
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4/17 6:39 am Earlyeye Gulf surf report : Flat for a couple of days but there is another front on the way! Looks like we could have surf for the weekend with Easter Sunday being a wave hunt instead of an egg hunt ?
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4/16 6:21 am Earlyeye gulf surf report : 2 ft with offshore winds ,tide is pretty low but it's filling in so it looks like a go .
Maybe I'll see you out there ?
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South bound! Get ya some though Lenny!!

4/15 6:37am Earlyeye Gulf surf report : Lots of wind NNW 15 to 20 Kts lots of surf 2 to 4 ft depends on where you look ! You'll need to search a little for dawn patrol ,super low tide isn't helping ,if you can get some wind protection probably worth a shot ?
Still looks good for dawn patrol Tues am wind goes offshore and there should still be a little swell left ?
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4/12 7:41 semi Earlyeye Gulf surf report: Pretty flat for a couple days ,but more waves are on the way for early next week. Tues am could be a good clean up session dawn patrol might be as much fun as yesterday's dawn patrol?

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4/11 6:29 am Earlyeye Gulf surf report : 1 to 2ft clean lines with offshore winds. Small but it looks like it could be fun early . Probably worth a try just don't expect much . ... See MoreSee Less

4/10 6:21 am Earlyeye Gulf surf report : Mostly around 2 to sometime 3 ft with onshore WNW wind on it 10 to 15 Kts making it semi choppy . Look around for some wind protection and you might catch a few fun rides. Winds are supposed to lighten up and go offshore tomorrow so maybe a little clean up for dawn patrol ? It looks like a good shot early before the swell gives up we'll see. ... See MoreSee Less

4/7 8:57 am Semi Earlyeye Gulf surf report : Flat today but waves are on the way for late Tues, Weds and maybe Thurs am . There is a late season spring cool front on the way and right now it looks we will get a little bump we'll see stay tuned ?
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4/3 6:23 am Earlyeye Gulf surf report : Internet problem prevented earlier post till now. It looks around 1 to very lucky 2 ft with strong offshore winds clean lines with very low tide making it not rideable early . Might be better later when the tide fills in if the wind doesn't blow it flat ?
Get ready for your new summer ride ,no not a surfboard a great beach cruiser BIKE ,you know when your not rockin you outta be rollin. We have a great sale on your new bike going on NOW ! Come take a test ride !
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4/1 6:07 am Earlyeye Gulf surf report : 4 to 6 ft glass with schools of Manatees jumping and frolicking in the waves on this perfect 1st of April surf day !
Really it is about 1 ft but there is a cold front on the way and we might have some rideable surf for Tues and Weds ?
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3/27 6:27 am Earlyeye Gulf surf report: It looks like a clean 2 to maybe 3 ft ground swell with almost no wind right NOW , however there is some heavy weather moving in off the Gulf , lightning and heavy wind is on the way . Maybe if you go really early you might catch it before the weather hits , kinda a crap shoot ?? ... See MoreSee Less

3/26 8:07 am Sorta Earlyeye Gulf surf report : Looks about 1 ft but building as the day goes on. A weak cold front is coming through and it looks like we will get some small rideable surf from it late today and tomorrow ? ... See MoreSee Less

3/23 7:17 am .Earlyeye Gulf surf report : It looks 1 to very lucky 2ft with no wind and clean lines. Tide is pretty low but there is probably a ankle slapper or two out there if you go early before it flattens out . ... See MoreSee Less

3/22 6:27am .Earlyeye Gulf surf report: It looks 2 to 3 ft with lite NNW winds right now there is a very low tide holding it back some.Side shore choppy from all the wind yesterday but it doesn't look too bad this AM. If wind stays light it should be fun as the tide fills in. Worth another look in a bit . ... See MoreSee Less

3/18 7:59 am Earlyeye Gulf surf report: 1 to maybe 2ft side shore wind chop . Not a lot happening on the surf scene for a few days NE winds are keeping it pretty flat .
Spring break is in full force for the next couple of weeks and we have some great deals for you on bikes boards surf gear and attire, Ripcurl ,Reef, Hurley,Flomotion, Broque ,Salty Sister,Little Box Guy .yeah all the cool stuff ! Come see check it out !
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3/17 7:27am Earlyeye Gulf surf report : 1to 2ft clean lines with offshore NNE winds ,pretty small due to very low tide this am but maybe a little pick up in size as the tide fills in . Probably worth another look in awhile ?
We are open today ( Sun ) 11 to 4 . Lots of great bargains on boards and bikes stop in on your way to the beach or bar after all it is St Patrick's day. Lol.
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3/12 7:32 am semi Earlyeye gulf surf report : weak cold front coming through this am not much surf maybe a foot or so with NW winds 10 to 12 Kts ?. Looks like Sun before we get any rideable surf when the next front comes through .
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3/5 6:17am Earlyeye Gulf surf report: It looks about 2ft with lite NNW winds @ 5 to 8 Kts semi clean ,but very low tide is holding it back . It should get a little better as the tide fills as long as the wind stays lite ? ... See MoreSee Less

3/4 6:21am Earlyeye Gulf surf report : It looks around 2ft confused swell direction from the SW lite wind right now.Wind goes NW @15 to 20kts later this morning ,surf size increases as the swell goes NW . but choppy side shore conditions come with it . We should have waves for a couple of days.
We have some really nice preowned boards at the shop right now great boards from ,Al Merrick ,Town and Country !,Robt August . and others From 6' to 10 ' . Of course we also have new boards including a great selection of soft boards . No reason to miss this swell cmon down !!
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3/3 4:39 pm Afternoon Gulf surf report update : 1 to 2 ft sw slop chop this afternoon however it is just the beginning of 3 or maybe 4 days of waves ? Check the Earlyeye report for more details mon . Morn ! ... See MoreSee Less